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Diamond Head Associates is one of the foremost independent supply chain performance analysis consulting firms in the U.S. By applying advanced 3D simulation software and analytics tools such as process simulation and optimization, we can help you gain significant performance improvements in current manufacturing and distribution operations, and provide a quantitative framework for strategic planning of future operations, for your  Supply chain network structure, distribution and production facilities.

Diamond Head Associates is a group of senior consultants and analysts with decades of direct operational and executive supply chain experience.

How Does Supply Chain Network Optimization Impact Inventory?

Gain Key insights using process simulation software for network analysis

Process Simulation Software Used to Optimize Supply Chain Infrastructure

3D Modeling Software offers cutting edge material handling simulation

Simulation Modeling Software for Production & Manufacturing, Material Handling, Distribution and More…

We provide custom simulation services and supply chain analysis utilizing the powerful process simulation software for simulation modeling to optimize every aspect of your distribution, material handling and supply chain network.

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Cutting Edge Simulation Modeling, Supply Chain Analysis, Distribution Center Simulation, Supply Chain Network Design, Transportation Facility Analysis

Through 3D simulation and in-depth network performance analysis, Diamond Head Associates will optimize the performance of your network structure, distribution and production facilities.