Simio and our Simulation / Analytical Modeling Practice

Simio- rapid modeling frameworkIt’s time to transform your enterprise.  Understand the impact of change.  And use that knowledge to reduce risk and improve performance.

Diamond Head Associates has developed a Simulation and Analytical Modeling Practice area to help clients in manufacturing, distribution, transportation and logistics applications design, build and use detailed simulation models for existing or planned systems.   Using advanced tools like Simio, these models can help validate system design, understand the behavior of complex systems, streamline operations and maximize investment in new or updated systems and equipment.

Simio has versions of the product to fit each client’s unique needs, including:

Simio Design Edition is our standard product offering and is fully functional 3D modeling and animation software. This version of the software includes the Standard Object Library for getting started with Simio, along with the ability to create and distribute your own custom libraries.

Simio Enterprise Edition lets you build and distribute models using the freely available Simio Evaluation version as a runtime platform. Any model built with the Enterprise Edition will run and generate results with the Simio Evaluation Edition. This version is ideal for consultants that want to deliver a running model to their customer without requiring their customer to purchase Simio.

Simio Evaluation Edition is a free trial version of Simio. This version of Simio puts no limits on what you can model, however the ability to save your work is disabled. You can also use the Simio Evaluation Edition to open and run models that have been built by the Simio Enterprise Edition. Once you purchase a license you may activate the evaluation software to become a Simio Design Edition or Simio Enterprise Edition and begin saving your models.

The Simio Scheduling Edition is a Finite Capacity Scheduling(FCS) tool that is built on Simio and offers unique capabilities and benefits for scheduling, reduced cost of implementation, and ongoing significant customer value. (Currently under development.) Contact us for more information.

Simio Academic Solutions: Fully functional versions of Simio are available to students and faculty. Visit the Simio website.

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Simio Product Overview

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Training Overview

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A full 4-day course designed to familiarize you with Simio and how to apply it for example problems.

Extended Course:  1 day of additional course material covering basics of simulation modeling, and object-oriented design and programming. Taught the Monday prior to the Advanced Simio Training Course

Simio Training Calendar

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